You are invited to check our wide range of treatments. Our special attention is paid to comfort way of working with a patient, which is why the area of our therapeutic section of the building is over 600 m2. We have a large, modernly equipped exercise room and a number of therapy rooms for: physiotherapy, massages, hydrotherapy, as well as manual therapy room and individual exercises room. We also offer treatments inside of cryogenic chamber, and the full offer is completed with a sauna session or relaxing time spent on modern dry hydromassage device.


Group exercises – the exercises are held in the gymnasium or outside, when the weather is fine, in 4 – 6 person groups.

  • general conditioning exercises – a set of exercises enhancing the efficiency of musculoskeletal and cardio-respiratory system, adjusted to current capabilities and health condition of a patient. This set of exercises is designed for people suffering from chronic diseases of locomotor system and cardiovascular system.
  • spine exercises – a special set of preventive exercises designed for people with a higher risk of being exposed to developing spine diseases (office workers, manual workers, drivers, people leading a sedentary lifestyle etc.).
  • morning exercises – physical exercises scheduled for the morning time for the purpose of preparing the body system for all-day activity.

Individual exercises – a set of exercises individually designed and executed by patient under the supervision of physical therapist.
Systemic exercises apparatus work – exercises in a training room equipped with the modern whole body training devices.

  • Kettler ergometer – exercise bike designed for general fitness training, lower limbs training and aerobic training (cardio);
  • Kettler stepper – for general fitness training and lower limbs training;
  • KEISER Functional Trainer – functional training apparatus with hydraulic resistance, wide application possibilities, exercises in any position – including dynamic exercises (in movement);
  • Total GYM GTS – a platform for a gravity system training, uses the weight of a patient as a load. For a comprehensive full body workout;
  • TRX – suspension training system. Improves joints stability, strengthens muscles, corrects posture;
  • atlas – an universal apparatus for resistance training of all group of muscles;
  • rowing apparatus – a device for general fitness training, which strengthen the muscles of lower limbs and back;
  • flat bench with dumbbells – for resistance training, strengthening muscle power.

Manual therapy – a comprehensive therapy applied in pains and musculoskeletal-nervous system dysfunctions, including:

  • examination of limbs and spine joints;
  • pain therapy;
  • mobilization of limbs and spine joints;
  • soft tissue therapy;
  • muscle mobilization;
  • selection of appropriate exercises.


Magnetic field therapy – magnetic field demonstrates analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiedemic, regenerative and stimulating blood circulation properties.

MAGCELL® ARTHRO – is an ultramodern device for therapy of alternating magnetic field of low frequency in large doses – 100mT. It’s about 10 times more than traditional magnetotherapy devices, so MAGCELL guarantees effects in much shorter period of time.

Laser – demonstrates analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiedemic  properties. It stimulates the immune system and improves microcirculation. Radiation penetrating tissue has remedial action.

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) -  low or high frequencies pulsed currents. These types of currents regulate nervous system, have a strong analgesic effect, enhance metabolism. Alleviate or even temporarily eliminate acute, chronic pain.

Träbert currents – pulsed current with rectangular shape and constant parameters. This type of current causes muscle tremors, has analgesic effect, improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles.

Electrostimulation – causes muscle growth and increases their strength. The treatment increases also metabolism and allows you to rebuilt muscle tone.

Interferential currents (interdyn, Nemec currents) – medium frequency currents. Depending on currents’ frequencies the treatment may have analgesic effect, which improves blood circulation, and may enhance metabolism or cause muscle tremors.

Diadynamic currents – produced by low frequency pulsed currents imposed on direct current. The treatment has analgesic effect, muscle relaxing effect, improves blood flow and increases metabolism. These types of currents have a positive effect on nerve conduction.

Ultrasounds – a treatment during which high frequency sound waves, inaudible for human ear, flows through patient’s body. These waves regenerate body tissues, relieve pain, improve microcirculation, enhance metabolism. Ultrasounds are also used in cosmetics.

Skanlab 25 Bodywave – high frequency field therapy. IT IS THE ONLY DEVICE FOR HIGH FREQUENCY FIELD THERAPY WITHOUT ANY TIME LIMITATION! It is safe for therapist and patient, relieves pain effectively, relaxes muscles, improves mobility.

Sollux  lamp – a lamp for irradiation with infrared light, improves blood circulation and nutrition of tissues, relaxes muscles, improves metabolism and has analgesic effect.

Compression massage with BOA device – this method improves lymph flow – has effective antiedemic impact and improves blood circulation. The treatment is also very relaxing.

Irradiation with FOTOVITA lamp – works great as a antidepressant. Recommended especially in autumn–winter season.


Underwater massage – performed by a therapist spraying water under appropriate pressure in a special bath for hydromassage. It reduces nervous tension and relaxes muscles. It stimulates blood circulation, metabolism and improves the flow of lymph system. It also has relaxing and analgesic effect.

Limb whirlpool massage – a massage performed by swirling water in special baths. It relaxes, reduces muscle tension, improves blood flow and relieves pain symptoms.

Massage on Aquamed bed – The latest generation of dry massage system. Combination of hydromassage and thermotherapy without water contact.


Finnish sauna – a room with low humidity and high temperature. A session in Finnish sauna has relaxing effect, regenerates the whole body system and improves blood circulation.

Infrared sauna – due to lower than in Finnish sauna temperature (approx. 60°C) it is not physically straining.

Cryo chamber – the treatment involves staying in a special chamber with temperature of up to -160°C for a short period of time (2-3 minutes). The treatment has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, it also mobilizes the whole immune system. As a result it makes muscle tensions to fade and also improves physical performance and mood of the patient.