Other attractions


  1. Meeting with crumbs of tradition in BREAD COTTAGE, where you will participate in bread baking process as well as butter and cheese production process, and tasting of these organic products will be culmination of the meeting. Our menu will consist of crumpets with butter and honey or with lard and chicory coffee with milk.
  2. Hunting weapons shooting with an option of participation in a hunting.
  3. Horseback riding with a guided tour within fenced area, and for professional horse riders we offer field trips.
  4. Brackie beer tasting in the castle brewery in Cieszyn. It is the only brewery in Poland, which brews beer using traditional methods.
  5. Dumplings and beer in Czech Cieszyn with an option for shopping. Dumplings are the specialty of Czech and Slovak cuisine.
  6. Western town, where you will witness:

    - Chilling robbery
    - Strange and barely explicable things in a show of illusion
    - Wild West Show – rodeo performed by the European champion in WESTERN and RODEO competitions and a movie stuntman as well as other attractions.
  7. In winter, the center’s close to mountains of Beskids location will facilitate ski madness to our guests.
  8. We organize sleigh rides with burning torches and traditional sausage roasting by the fire.
  9. Meetings with interesting people.
  10. Mushroom hunting.

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