Wisla – 22 km – there’s a museum of Adam Malysz at 1 Maja Street, also President castle, ski trails; Ustron – 14 km – starting point for hikers, rope parks, ski trails;
Koniakow – 30 km – famous mostly from lace handicrafts, garments, and underclothes; Wadowice – 69 km – hometown of John Paul II;
Cracow – 109 km – Polish capital city until 1795, among top 120 of the most traditional cities in the world; Oswiecim – 56 km – a city with 800 years of history, during the World War II there was a German concentration camp (Auschwitz);
Czestochowa – 134 km – main center of Marian devotion. There’s a monastery of Jasna Gora with the miraculous image of Our Lady of Czestochowa in the city; Cieszyn – 10 km – historic town on Olza river. The part of the town located on right bank of the river is Polish, left one belongs to Czech Republic (“Czech Cieszyn”);